“Bee made everything about my session easy! She came to my location and worked her magic to capture relaxed, beautiful shots. I love her eye for light and color and her willingness to get on the ground or in the trees to bring her creative vision to life. She settled my nerves and helped me feel comfortable enough to look like my very best self in my head shots.”



“Bee not only made us feel comfortable and fabulous, but she also found the most perfect spot with the most beautiful light. I am so pleased + thankful for the work she handed over. I get compliments on my head shot all the time. Bee heard what we needed + helped us get photos that fit us and. Not only would i recommend, I plan to continue to use her as my go to photographer from now on.”



"Everything Bee touches turns into magic. She's incredibly talented at whatever she chooses. She's full of wisdom and kindness for the underdogs and freaks of our world. I've learned new language from her and have begun to consider new perspectives because of her. AND MY LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE RICH BECAUSE OF THAT!

Other than her presence, the most magical gift she has given to me over the years has been her photography. Something unbelievably happens between the soft click of her shutter, and the double chin I'm often so self conscious of. Or the wrinkles that have begun to reveal themselves all over my face. Or the way my one I squinches shut when I smile "too" big. Because when she giggles and says, "Rache, you're gonna die. Ugh! These are so beautiful!", I believe her.

Part of the pain of my life has been this overwhelming feeling of being misunderstood. But when I see myself in a photo that she has taken, I see the most authentic version of myself. In a weird meta sorta way, I almost don't recognize myself because I am only now stepping into being able to match that authenticity.

The role Bee has played in helping me literally SEE myself as a creature of wonderful beauty has changed my life.



“Bee is so easy to work with! I feel relaxed and open around her, able to laugh and have fun. She’s not only fun, she does fabulous work. She captured not only my process and my workspace but also my love for my work. She shot not only what I asked for but also got amazing details and elements of my business that I wouldn’t have noticed. And those are some of the photos I use the most! I definitely recommend Bee if you want deep, genuine, and gorgeous brand photography.”



"Working with Bee is always a joy! She started out as our family photographer in 2011 and then I started having her do my branding work for my business soon after that.

She's always the ultimate professional - arriving early and totally prepared, efficiently making the most of our time together. And the images are always edited and delivered as promised (usually sooner than promised ;)

Plus, we have lots of fun during the shoot, too. Bee has creative ideas for posing and positioning, and she's always willing to listen to the ideas I suggest. She always accommodates my desires and offers her feedback.

I've worked with lots of photographers over the years and I always call Bee first and hope that she's available. Her creative eye is the best I've seen!"



+ David+Emily

"It's been almost a year since we finished working with Bee, and I can safely say that every detail was a delight.

As other reviewers have said, Bee is really fun to work with. She's also a really good sport: we accidentally made her hike about a mile and a half through the woods, with all her gear, to get to our engagement shoot site. Not only did we end up with amazing photos, we ended up having a great time doing it.

At our actual ceremony -- which was somewhat unconventional -- Bee and her second photographer managed to be both totally unobtrusive, and totally astute. As celeste m. said in her review, Bee has an amazing knack for capturing the essence of people -- people who she'd never met before, and who were in near constant motion!

Lastly, the ordering process went smoothly, and we now have all these beautiful items (prints, books, an album, this incredibly appealing little box full of four by sixes, etc.), infused with the spirit of the day. It's kind of eerie and magical to hold something like that in your hand, and imagine the stories it will gather over the years...

Oh! One other thing; we had a lot less time than we expected before our ceremony. But it was NO PROBLEM, because Bee and her second had already scouted the surrounding area for promising locations. They just kept us calm, lead us around, and it turned out so great!"

+ Tyler+Jessica

"Bee is an insanely talented photographer who be shooting our wedding in August '10. After seeing her work on that featured one of the most incredible 'engagement' sessions I've ever seen, I just knew she was the photographer for us.

Bee artfully crafts timeless photographs that weave vintage charm with a modern edge. She has an incredible way with light and like me, has a big crush on lens flare. We can't wait for our wedding for all the obvious reason and are excited to see it through Bee's brilliant eye."

+ Scott+Celeste

"If you're on the search for jaw-droppingly gorgeous, original wedding/ engagement/ senior portrait/ new baby/ commitment ceremony photos, well then, hang up your spurs, pour yourself a glass, and look no further. Bee will exceed your expectations and imagination.

Bee was wonderful to work with for our summer 2009 wedding. She put my camera-shy husband at ease and we have some amazing photos to show for our wedding day. She's talented, creative, and fun.

On top of that, she takes timeless photos. Case in point: my grandmother was never one for smiling. I cannot find a photo of her in which she was really, genuinely smiling. But she had one of the most hilarious, unexpected (though not always dignified) laughs when she found something funny. At our wedding, Bee snapped the most spontaneous, truly "Grandma Pam" photo I've ever seen. Dancing with my brother to an Andrews Sisters tune, she was truly in her element, smiling widely and breathless from laughing, about two seconds away from declaring, "Oh! Youuuuu!" She died unexpectedly, nearly two months to the day that the photo was taken. Bee not only captured the essence of a moment, she captured a person, and I am so grateful I have that photo to remember her by."

+ Ken+Aletheia

"We love Bee!!! she is an incredible talent and she is so lovely to work with. She is professional, accomadating, and worth every penny. Her partner Rachel for the wedding was also fun to work with. I continually get compliments on the engagement photos, we just can't wait to see the wedding photos!"

+ Tristram+Cheryl

"So now that our wedding day has come and gone and we've gotten a sneak peek at our photographs I can gush all over again about Bee Joy Photo. We loved, loved, LOVED working with Bee and her second photographer on the day, Maricar! They were so fun yet professional and made what could have a somewhat daunting experience totally natural and perfect. They captured the spirit of our wedding, including details that even I didn't notice until I saw the pictures. I don't think we could have chosen anyone better suited to document our day."


+ Dan+Rachel

"100 stars! I found Bee on a blog and flew her all the way to Boston because I fell in love with her pictures. She does not disappoint. Plus, she's an absolute blast."


there are more reviews on yelp and wedding wire, if you're interested.