+ 1. Canon Battery

Can't get very far without THIS! And a couple of THESE.

+ 2. Case Logic Card Case

To be honest, I want to use a DIFFERENT CASE that is more waterproof and shock proof. I just like this one because it slides onto the strap of my camera bag, so it's handy, but they don't make it anymore.

+ 3. Canon 580 EXII Speedlight

I have two of THESE, and pretty much only use them if I'm photographing dimly lit receptions.

+ 4. Canon 100 2.8 Lens

I don't pull my Canon 100 2.8 out all that often, but it's GREAT for macro!

+ 5. Canon 5D Mark III

THIS is my baby.

+ 6. Canon 35 1.4 L Series Lens

THIS is by far my absolute favorite lens. It's on my camera 80% of the time.

+ 7. Canon 24 1.4 L Series Lens

Nice wide fixed length lens. It does get some distortion at the edges, but I never put people at the edges, so it's never bothered me. Sometimes you just want to get EVERYTHING in a shot, and THIS is wide enough to do that.

+ 8. Black Rapid Camera Strap

THIS strap saves my neck. I've been using it for years and I love it!


Lowepro Camera bag. Mine actually came with my camera body when I bought it, and I use it all the time for in-state sessions.
Manfrotto Tripod. I have the 728B model, which apparently you can only find on Ebay now. THIS one is similar to what I have.
ThinkTank Airport Bag.
Rain Cover.
PowerEx Batteries and charger.

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